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Public Works / Utilities

Water and Sewer Fees

The Water Department is responsible for the maintenance and care of the city water distribution system and the sanitary sewer and disposal system on all water and sewer lines within the city limits of Greensboro.

Supervisor, Water Department: Supervisor, Water

Plant: Supervisor, Wastewater

Freddie Evans
Lamar Callaway
Brenda Burke

Water Fees:

Meter Size Installation Fees Connection Fees
1 1/2" $930 $1,550
2" $1,000 $3,150
3" TBA $4,100
4" TBA $6,500
6" TBA $13,100
8" TBA $18,500

TBA indicates  Due to varying meter and vault cost.

Boring or line extensions to be extra.

Sewer Fees

Line Size Installation Fee
4" $475
6" $650
8" $825

Sewer Connection Fees

Residential $750 per unit
Multi-family $750 per unit
Non-residential $3.75 per gallon of projected daily discharge

Commercial Hydrant Water Fees

Meter Size Meter Cost
1" $225
2" $650
3" $975

Gas Department

The Gas Department is responsible for the care, maintenance, and operations of the city gas system.

Street Department

The Street Department is responsible for maintenance of all city streets, street sweeping, sidewalk repair, asphalt patching, and also cutting grass within the city limits and on the city right-of-way.



Johnny Porter
212 North Main Street
Greensboro, Georgia 30642